Enhance your client experience with this relaxing add-on service

Enhance your client experience with this relaxing add-on service

Pairs beautifully with facials and face & shoulder massage

Compliments services where clients are reclined or laying on their back.

- Compression Suits
- IV
- Body work

Retail sales: 'take home tech' for cryotherapy and technology-based wellness clinics

Harmnizr's acoustic vibration technology & potent natural frequencies soothe the nervous system

(Clients may even fall asleep)

Share the Experience with your Clients

- Offer Harmnizr sessions as a relaxing add-on (up-sell) to facials, and face & shoulder massage, and a number of advanced health services where the client is reclined or lying on their back.

- We recommend pricing Harmnizr at 10-25% of the main service price.

- Harmnizr can also be used as a free upgrade to drive more sales "Free this week: Make your face massage  even more relaxing by adding Harmnizr."

It's a high-tech device, but the sales pitch is simple.

Letting clients feel Harmnizr for themselves is all it takes.

Clients will want to bring Harmnizr's soothing relaxation home.  It makes bedtime extra cozy.

Complete the Experience

Retail sales Harmnizr is a high ticket item with minimal shelf space.  (Inventory can be paid for in installments through ShopPay)

Passive Affiliate Income
Your spa/clinic earns affiliate income from online sales using your coupon code.  (Free stickers at the front desk have your spa/clinic's coupon code & QR code on the back) 

Clients Love using Harmnizr at Home

How to Get Started
(request a sample below)

Try it for yourself!
-Turn On
-Select frequency & intensity
-Lay down with Harmnizr on your chest and take a deep, slow breath
- Let other team members try Harmnizr

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