Cats Love Harmnizr: and Why This Matters Even if You Don't Have a Cat

Discovering that Cats Love Harmnizr was a Happy Accident

We had nearly finalized Harmnizr’s electronics & were testing prototypes every night. 


My old cat Monkey crawled up on my chest & laid right on top of the latest prototype as it quietly rumbled. 


He was so old that he hardly ever purred, but that night he purred along with the Harmnizr. It seemed to energize him. 


That was the ‘aha’ moment. 


Other testers had similar experiences with their cats. 


Some cats didn’t seek out Harmnizr but they still showed signs of really liking it. 


My younger cat Bowie loves it for nap time. His favorite frequency is the ocean. 


If he’s settling in for a nap I’ll put a Harmnizr on top of him and he’ll sleep while it quietly rumbles. 


It’s got a pleasant weight to it, like a tiny heavy blanket. 


If he’s already asleep I’ll tuck it next to his spine, so as to not wake him up. 


Sometimes he changes positions and lays right on top of his Harmnizr. 


Introducing Your Cat to Harmnizr

Turn on Harmnizr and set it to medium intensity Ocean Waves or Cat Purring. 


Put it on your cat when they are awake but relaxed & laying down for a nap.

If your cat is skittish, try putting Harmnizr next to them for a session before putting it on them. 

It will rumble through the cushion or whatever they’re sleeping on so they will hear it and feel it. 


Why This Matters Even if You Don’t Have a Cat

Frankly, my cat’s perception & intuition is less cluttered than my own. 


Cat’s minds aren’t preoccupied with worry and a laundry list of things to do.  Stress keeps us trapped in our minds instead of relaxed in our bodies. 


Cats don’t have all of these abstract worries running in the background.


Cats are embodied in the present moment in a way that most humans can barely understand. 


I trust my cats’ intuitive judgment about how something makes them feel.


Monkey & Bowie gave Harmnizr 5 star reviews and to me that’s as valid as any human’s review.