When it comes to PEMF devices, the tech specs are the first thing people ask about. 


You can learn about Harmnizr’s unique technology below, but does it really matter?


Once you actually experience Harmnizr, the tech specs will be the last thing on your mind. 

What's Not Inside Harmnizr

No App

No Tracking

No Subscription

But we get it, you’ve got to know how Harmnizr compares with other devices.

Well, there is no comparison because Harmnizr’s technology is a radical departure from conventional PEMF. 


Conventional PEMF devices emit pure sine & square waves using a software-controlled electromagnet. 


(An electromagnet is created by passing current through a coil of wire, which generates a magnetic field around the coil.)


Conventional PEMF emits precise, homogeneous magnetic waves. 


The Harmnizr team loves conventional PEMF...


But we wanted to create layers of sensations beyond what PEMF alone can offer.


Harmnizr uses:

- PMF (Pulsed Magnetic Field) 


- PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field)


Harmnizr doesn’t use electromagnets. Its magnetic fields are created by rare earth permanent magnets. 


Unlike conventional PEMF, Harmnizr’s stable magnetic fields are always ‘on’. 


But Harmnizr is more than just PMF

Harmnizr’s magnetic fields are integrated into high-mass acoustic speakers.

These speakers pulse Harmnizr’s magnetic fields at high frequencies and generate acoustic vibrations. 


The result is a perfect synchronization of PMF & Acoustic Vibration that gently rumble to nature’s most potent healing sounds & frequencies.


It’s like a mini massage for your nervous system. 

You can feel the vibrations of each frequency penetrate into your body, especially when put on hard spots like your breast bone, collar bones or held in your hand. 


Harmnizr's technologies of PMF & Acoustic Vibration are both known to activate micro-circulation and downregulate the nervous system.


Here’s more on Harmnizr’s tech stack, but like we said, it’s best experienced instead of analyzed.