Lazy Does It

Why Bedtime is the Ultimate Time for Self Care 


Reading this means you’re one of those rare people who invests in themselves so you can feel better and do better. 


But who needs another assignment?


☑️ Did you meditate?


☑️ Did  you exercise?


☑️ Did you take your supplements?


☑️ What about the green smoothie?


🚨 The app says you didn’t get enough steps & your HRV is all over the place!

When did the wellness routine start to feel like homework?


Harmnizr doesn’t take effort or will-power...

...because the best kind of self care is ultra simple & you feel it working right away. 


The crazy part is that simple & instant isn’t enough


There are plenty of powerful tools out there (ampcoil, Flowpresso, light path led)


But life gets in the way and sometimes taking care of yourself comes last, or not at all. 



The Magic of Bedtime

Bed Time is the 

Right Time because it takes 

No Time 


Everyone sleeps but before you’re asleep you’ve got to get into bed and ‘get to sleep’. 


You have no choice but to lay down and do nothing. 

This is the perfect time to experience Harmnizr’s magic. 


drift off to sleep to the gentle rumbling of nature’s most potent healing sounds & frequencies. 


It’s like a mini massage for your nervous system. 


The acoustic vibration waves penetrate deeper when placed on hard spots like your: 

- breast bone

- collar bones


- hands


Don’t underestimate Harmnizr’s ability to knock you out, but don’t worry. 


You don’t have to think about turning Harmnizr off. 


Harmnizr continues to work after you fall asleep and powers down automatically after half an hour. 

The next morning leave the Harmnizr by your pillow so it’s ready & waiting at the end of the day.